Inseo Baek

Inseo Baek

Software Developer

Seoul, Korea (GMT+9)

6+ years of experience building and shipping core product features for SaaS and e-commerce businesses.

React Native

My name is Inseo and I am a software developer passionate about website and mobile development. I have been developing professionally for more than 6 years but tinkering since a kid. I started in tech with freelance services and part-time IT support during high school.

My job history ranges from working for big companies, such as Deloitte Digital, to building a SaaS product from scratch within a startup. Through these experiences, I have learned to contribute everywhere in the stack, although my strongest skills are in front-end development.

My current project is working on my bootstrapped digital agency ( where I help e-commerce and SaaS businesses build faster web applications and boost conversion rates through software development services.

Work Experience

08/2021 — PRESENT

CEO / Freelance Developer

Studiorach Inc.

(Seoul, Korea / Toronto, Canada)

  • Partnered with SEO marketing agencies on projects such as building SSG pages (incremental) using Next.js and refactoring large-scale e-commerce codebases on WordPress and Shopify resulting in a 20% improvement in profit

  • Created and deployed a custom plugin that connects to third-party GraphQL API and webhooks using Node.js and React for a high-traffic e-commerce business with more than $5M annual revenue

  • Optimized buggy and slow websites through analysis of Core Web Vitals which improved Lighthouse scores to 80+ (mobile) and 90+ (desktop)

  • Rewrote an outdated jQuery application using React & TanStack query resulting in an optimized CSR website

  • Demonstrated a mature understanding of the entire development process, including documentation, implementation, and testing of requested features to ensure client satisfaction and profit

12/2018 — 08/2021

Software Developer


(Toronto, Canada)

  • Collaborated with the team to build 4 web applications and 1 mobile appointment scheduling app increasing user-base from 0 to 50k+ users using Node.js, React, and React Native

  • Optimized websites by identifying areas of performance bottlenecks and following recommended practices (memoization, lazy import - React suspense, etc) leading to improved Lighthouse scores

  • Developed and deployed a Google Cloud Function using Node.js to manipulate user-uploaded images, resulting in a 10% improvement in GraphQL query performance

  • Responsible for developing the product's core features, such as notification system (email, SMS, push), using Node.js

  • Forked a version of Draft.js to create our own WYSIWYG editor to be rendered inside a web view

  • Improved CI/CD process using Visual Studio App Center API and wrote a shell script to upload sourcemaps to Sentry

  • Demonstrated a mature understanding of the software development cycle (agile, sprint planning, documentation) and responsible for onboarding new members

08/2017 — 12/2018

Software Developer

Konrad Agency

(Toronto, Canada)

  • Helped build an internal application used by Deloitte Digital at their New York office, which uses machine learning to process legal documents using React

  • Collaborated with external development team to maintain RESTful APIs and website speed for a high traffic e-commerce business with more than $50M revenue through React and Java

  • Assisted senior software developers in coding an internal employee management system leading to improved Jest test coverage by 20% and CI process that reduced working time


Personal Projects



A customization design tool built for Shopify using Node.js and React



A simple network proxy application on Mac OS X built with Electron

Twitch Chat Bot

Twitch Chat Bot

A Twitch chat bot that takes attendance using Firestore and Node.js

Hobbies & Certifications

Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Certified

Taught coding via Twitch streams, which led to social media channel growth from 0 to 80k+ followers

Volunteer executive of Tech Ladies Toronto chapter

Fluent in Korean, English and French